Join us

All the believers who have been incorporated into Christ through Baptism can be part of the Institution of the Immaculate Heart as long as they share its inspiration, aims and spirituality.

After a two-year period of training, followed by the Consecration, they will become full members.

Act of Consecration

"To Mary Most Holy, blessed and full of grace, to the blessed fruit of your womb, the Word made Flesh, Jesus, in the Divine Will of the Father, and to the Paraclete Spirit, the only inspirer of truth and love, with love I consecrate myself today. Humbly and confidently I trust in the divine protection and grace so that the fidelity of my life to God and to the aims of the Institution Crown of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary may be a fruitful reality of the blossoming of Corollas that pray for justice, unity, peace, truth and love of the renewed and holy humanity. Amen"