“These Branches of the Crown Plant shall produce fruits of Holiness, for this is God’s will, your Sanctification"

In all the Branches we find:

Corolla Leader: His task is to guide the members, to make them fit for Consecration.

Specifically, to make them understand with increasing clarity and awareness the meaning, ecclesial scope, implications and effects of the Consecration.

Corolla: It consists of 12 members who meet weekly to pray and deepen their spiritual formation.

The number 12 recalls the group of Apostles who followed Jesus.

Johnites: They are the Consecrated men who are inspired in their daily lives by the admirable example of St. John the Apostle, who is an incomparable spiritual guide for them.

Marianites: They are the Consecrated women who take Mary Most Holy as their example, committing themselves to enhance the role of women in the life of the Church.