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Anna Maria OssiFounder

March 1978: The Vision

“I was in the Church of St. Benedict in Milan, during the Holy Mass, when I had a sudden and brief vision of myself on the Calvary to Christ’s death.
I was close to Mary Most Holy and I glimpsed in the valley an immense crowd of black people, made such by sin: the entire humanity, in need of purification and salvation. I perceived Christ's heartfelt invitation to cooperate with Him for that purpose.
My response was prompt and generous. That divine call was followed by the Lord's gift of the prophetic charism, which consists of mental light dictates.
I then began to receive dictates related to various fields of knowledge: Theology, Mysticism, Ecclesiology, Mariology, Medicine and Physics of the Earth."

July 1978: Meeting with Father Gianfranco Verri

"As the history of the Church teaches, charisms demand discernment, control, vigilance. So Jesus placed Father Gianfranco Verri, Priest Giuseppino del Murialdo, beside me as my Spiritual Father. He was confirmed by the Ambrosian Curia and by Cardinal Martini.”

8th January 1994: the Institution was founded

"After 16 years of intense activity while receiving dictates, I was asked to found an Institution.
That is when the Institution of the Crown of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary was born. It is Jesus himself who dictates: Name, Nature, Purpose, Organizational Structure.
At first the Institution remained confidential, known only to a few friends. Later on, one of them, Meranese—who understood and was convinced of the urgency and importance of the Institutionbegan to spread it in South Tyrol, Tyrol and Austria."


Father Gianfranco VerriFounder

He was a priest Giuseppino of San Leonardo Murialdo.
In 1950 he devoted himself to teaching art subjects and to his pastoral activity as a confessor and preacher.
He was ordained to the priesthood in 1958.
From 1978 on, by vocation confirmed by the Curia of Milan, he devoted himself to accompanying Anna Maria Ossi, confidant of the Lord, taking charge of her charismatic mission in the Church.
From 1985 to 2000 he created several works of art for churches, shrines and chapels.
Since 1997 he led the Institution of the Crown of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary together with Anna Maria. Besides Austria, the Institution spread to German Switzerland and Germany.
The Branch of the Institution "Joy of the Holy Cross" spread to Venezuela in San Carlos (Cojedes), where it was vigorously carried on by Sister Mariana Scarsini, who is still carrying out her missionary apostolate amid many difficulties and tribulations.




Immaculate Virgin Mary of the blue roses

It is the symbol of the Institution, representing the Blessed Virgin Mary unfolding a wide blue mantle over all humanity. In the background is the Glorious Cross, a sign of Christ risen and victorious over all evil forces.
The mantle is woven with blue roses representing the members of the Crown. The rainbow crowning the globe indicates the era of peace of the renewed and holy humanity.

Our Medal

The radiant heart of Mary Most Holy is in the center, surrounded by a crown of twelve roses joined together. Spread out at a wider radius is a crown of twelve stars.
There are seven flaming swords, with their hilts among the roses, pointing outward against the forces of evil in defense of the heart and thus of the Virgin Mary, who never was and never will be affected.
It is a strong and effective expression of the angelic powers. The number seven recalls the seven Archangels at the throne of God. The angelic powers support and help the human forces of good in the terrible battle against the forces of evil, which will be defeated forever.


Our Rosary

It is a rosary made of blue beads, ideally resembling the "Blue Roses" that recall the Mystical Rose par excellence, the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The rosary is embellished by the cross, which was realized after our sketch, depicting Jesus crucified and the Blessed Mother.
This rosary was offered to Pope John Paul II by Father Gianfranco Verri on 12th November 2003 in St. Peter's Square together with a painting, depicting the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.


Part of Mary's triumph is the ecclesial recognition of her action of Coredemption towards her Son, the sole Redeemer of all humanity. We expressed this concept with this cross: the dying Christ is embraced by his Mother who forms with Him a single body immolated for our salvation.

Our Prayer

To Jesus crucified

For the mystical joy

of every pilgrim on Earth

Leaden is the sky of my soul,

it shrouds you O crucified Jesus

for mine is the guilt

which your love has made your own

and is the cause of your Sacrifice.

My soul, drawn to you,

lays at the foot of your Holy Cross

my great sorrow and the sorrow of all humanity,

caused by not receiving you,

not loving you.

Jesus, our light, beloved at last,

forgive, justify and sanctify

my soul and the soul of every pilgrim on Earth

who comes to you to be reborn in spirit and truth

in the blessed womb of Our Lady of Sorrows

present beside you.

Finally risen to the supreme grace

of the joy of the Holy Cross,

victorious over all evil

my soul praises and gives thanks

to the Holy Trinity. Amen




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Phone: +39 035 863281